A New Era Of
Finance Technology

The Momentum Project ( $MASS ) is a token ecosystem that pays dividends, and algorithmically increases in price over time.


How it works

LP Bonding

Purchase $MASS at a 15% discount (100% tax free) with reward tokens vesting over seven days.


A portion of the tokens that are sold are converted BUSD in order to build liquidity and provide dividends to holders of the token.

The Momentum Mechanism (TMM)

The Momentum Mechanism is a proprietary system that utilizes innovative price stabilization strategies that operates by manipulating the liquidity pool ratios and total supply of tokens.

The price stabilizer will never mint too many tokens as to cause runaway inflation, and will burn any excess tokens that are produced when price is adjusted up.

The Momentum Mechanism has one purpose - make price go up

Momentum Bonding

Deep liquidity is made possible through the issuance of bonds. Bonds are offered at a 15% discount, bypassing the buy tax. Reward tokens from the bonds are vested over a period of seven days.

When a bond is issued, the full amount of the bond is immediately added to liquidity, increasing the health of the protocol. As the protocol health continues to increase with deeper liquidity, the price of the token is able to be increased over time.